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Plan Evaluation

Many companies find themselves at some time facing an important decision in regards to their retirement plan. This decision involves the support and representation of the plan they have in place. A dilemma occurs because the plan itself may very well be providing what is needed for the workforce; fund choices, fund performance, quarterly statements, internet access, etc. However, in today’s environment, these items are barely the minimum standard requirements, and none of them support an already stretched HR and Benefit staff. One option being chosen by organizations is to shift the representation of their plan to a new broker. This simple process gives authority to a new group to support your company and can avoid disruption in the plan management. Below is a short list of items that may lead a company to consider this change.

  1. Plan participation rate is lower than national average of 80% and average deferral rate is less than the average of 6%. Staff has very limited to no support when discrimination-testing results are produced. Staff and workforce are not provided with on-site and/or published support in regards to tax law and ERISA law changes that affect the plan (ex. EGTRRA). Staff and workforce are not provided with on-site and/or published support in regards to market condition updates. Plan participant service only occurs if they pick up the phone or make a request first. HR and Benefit staff service occurs only after they pick up the phone first.
  2. In the past 2-3 years there has been no proactive review of your plan’s cost effectiveness or the efficacy of the plan design or plan provider.

A plan sponsor has the ability to make a distinction between the plan provider and the intermediary servicing this plan. In today’s environment there is no reason to be short- changed in your plan support.

Plan Sponsor Support

When we consult with you on your retirement plan needs we believe we set ourselves apart by taking a complex set of issues and decisions and delivering it in a simple format. The format summarizes all of your decisions into three categories: Cost, Performance, and Service. You determine the priority and weight you place on each area. Our goal is to become a partner of your employee benefits department. We are confident we can provide all of the related services necessary to give you personal, accurate, and flexible support.

Technical & Compliance Support
The plan sponsor would meet with a Retirement Specialist a minimum of two times per year and have available the resources of our technical compliance area dedicated to the research and dissemination of information on legislative and regulatory issues. Our technical support services include:

  • Initial and ongoing plan design Technical research Regional client education workshops
  • Periodic technical updates
Investment Review & Monitoring
As performance is overwhelmingly influenced by having the proper asset allocation, we seek for our clients to have a broad array of funds covering the major asset classes and then monitor them regularly. The annual investment review process would include:
  • Research, qualitative and quantitative analysis of current portfolio and options available Recommendations to replace funds or add them to watch lists when warranted
  • Review of investment policy statement
Provider Review Process & Installation Services
Regularly reviewing the provider options is an important fiduciary responsibility. HantzGroup will assist your organization with a comprehensive evaluation of the current investment and record-keeping providers on a bi-annual basis or more frequently if warranted. In the event that you determine that an investment or record-keeping provider relationship should be replaced, HantzGroup will work with the plan sponsor and providers to achieve a seamless transition.

Participant Support

As a core philosophy of our organization, we maintain a strong focus on participant education. We work with you to educate your employees during the enrollment process and throughout their time with your organization. A unique enrollment process is implemented that involves both a group session and one-to-one employee meetings with a financial consultant. We provide substantial instruction to help participants make sound choices towards their retirement planning objectives. It is clearly evident that an employee that understands the benefits offered is more productive and recruiting and retention initiatives of your organization are supported.

Education & Enrollment Strategy
HantzGroup will work with your organization to establish your annual participant communication goals and design a communication strategy that will positively impact your workforce. Components of the educational program would include:
  • Pre-Introduction – Initial communication to generate interest in the program with flyers, payroll stuffers, direct mailing, or newsletter articles
  • Enrollment Workshops – On-site meetings conducted by a retirement specialist for each entry date or as determined in the educational strategy
  • Individual Consultations – Following the group enrollment sessions, employees are offered individually at your location with HantzGroup Advisors to ensure that each participant knows how to: project the retirement income that will be needed, determine their risk tolerance and time horizon, and create a personal asset allocation strategy for their retirement plan account
  • Options for Out of State Locations – HantzGroup will provide educational opportunities for out of state locations. Annual on-site education, phone conferences and mailings will all be utilized based on your customized program
  • Ongoing Financial Education Opportunities – To support your organization’s education program, HantzGroup offers access to our Seminar Team. This dedicated group of specialized professionals conducts educational workshops on financial topics in conjunction with your retirement plan enrollment meetings.
We appreciate your interest in HantzGroup and look forward to developing a successful partnership with your organization.


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